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Making housing and living conditions better
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  1. The Corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of ?501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States internal revenue law.
  2. To exercise such of the rights, powers, duties, and authority of a nonprofit corporation organized under the Nonprofit Corporation Act of the State of FL which are consistent with the preceding paragraph.
Specific Purposes

3.1. Specific Purposes. The specific purposes of the Corporation include, without limitation, the following:

  1. To promote decent, safe, and affordable housing for persons of low and moderate-income in the United States of America and all territories;
  2. To advance and promote meaningful communications and relationships with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the United States Congress as a unified group of professional housing directors with regard to public housing policy;
  3. To advance and promote communications with federal, state and local agencies and officials, resident groups, housing development groups, housing advocacy groups, businesses, agencies and organizations to carry out policies and goals for affordable and public housing purposes;
  4. To formulate an educational and communication network to improve the expertise in the housing field by educational meetings, workshops, periodic newsletters, electronic media and preparation of texts;
  5. To collect donations from members of the Association and other interested parties to provide funds for scholarships and other education-related activities to students from low-income households, in order to promote education, enrich the community and help low-income persons to achieve self-sufficiency;
  6. To promote the professionalism of MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY; and
  7. To remain continuously organized and operated exclusively for not-for-profit purposes for the benefit of the Public Housing Authorities throughout the United States and all territories.
General Purposes

3.2. General Purpose. The general purpose of the Organization shall be:

Section A

MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY INC. working in Housing assistance to receive and administer funds exclusively for educational and charitable purposes without pecuniary profit, either direct or indirect, to its members. MHSCB offers free online and formal tutoring on housing development and education services and works to create affordable rental and homeownership opportunities and to provide programming related to youth, adult financial literacy and people with disabilities, homebuyer education and counseling, and entrepreneurship and job training for low- income families. MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY INC. focuses on helping low-income families/individuals qualify for and obtain an affordable mortgage, build assets, and repair substandard homes.

Section B

By promoting and undertaking the development and maintenance of affordable housing for the benefit of persons of low income and people with disabilities and thereby: encourage employers to retain and create job opportunities, particularly for resident young people, and reduce out-migration; reduce the level of participation and dependence on public assistance programs; and rehabilitate housing & counteract community deterioration.

Section C

MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY INC. focuses on helping low-income families/individuals qualify for and obtain an affordable mortgage, build assets, and repair substandard homes. MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY INC. provides a full range of support services, including social and recreational opportunities, life skills assistance, support in achieving their treatment goals, and support in finding and maintaining employment and conjunction with local, state, and the federal government.

Section D

MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY INC. foster and promote community-wide interest and involvement in the problems associated with the underdevelopment of affordable housing, and towards that goal to sponsor and participate in a public symposium, and by any other means to cooperate with, encourage and contribute to the efforts of such parties in the accomplishment of such purposes. Improved understanding of the relationship between residential exposure and illness or injury of children or other vulnerable populations.

Section E

MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY INC. works in the areas of housing renovation and construction, microenterprise development, foreclosure prevention, homebuyer education, and projects and programs that provide academic and cultural enrichment.

Section F

MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY INC. assists in the planning and development of projects, undertakings, studies and other activities that improve the housing and living conditions of low- income families in cooperation; to purchase, lease or lessor, lease as an agent, encumber, sell, exchange, transfer, and dispose of property of any description or any interest therein, by authority and action of its board of directors.

Section G

MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY INC. borrow money and issue, sell, and pledge its notes, bonds, and other evidence of indebtedness, and to secure any of its obligations by a mortgage, pledge, or deed of trust of all or any of its property, by authority and action of its board of directors.