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Welcome to maxcen housing society inc.

We make ends meet to provide affordable and quality housing programs to the community. Our programs are primarily directed to individuals with disabilities, as well as moderate or low-income families, to improve their housing and living conditions. Our community partners at MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY are all set in promoting decent, safe, and cost-saving housing projects.

With the great demand for housing assistance, we made it our mission to assist families and people with special needs in acquiring affordable rental and homeownership opportunities. This includes obtaining an affordable mortgage, building assets, and repairing substandard homes.

Specific Purposes:

MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY aligns its housing programs with our specific purposes to better improve the housing and living conditions of the community.

To promote decent, safe, and affordable housing for persons of low and moderate-income in the United States of America and all territories.

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To advance and promote meaningful communications and relationships with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the United States Congress as a unified group of professional housing directors with regard to public housing policy.

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To advance and promote communications with federal, state, and local agencies and officials, resident groups, housing development groups, housing advocacy groups, businesses, agencies, and organizations to carry out policies and goals for affordable and public housing purposes.


General Purpose:

MAXCEN HOUSING SOCIETY is always at the service of individuals with disabilities and special needs, as well as families with moderate or low income. Hence, we are guided by the general purpose of this organization and are committed to alleviating the housing and living conditions of clients.

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